How to put my station on line?

I have been chasing satellites for a long time.
Started with an $10 RTL-SDR chasing weather satellites.
I have all the hardware to make a VHF/UHF SDR based Receive only ground station but can’t seem to find a link on how to create a ground station and add it to the network.
I would appreciate if someone could steer me in the right direction.
I would start with an RTL-SDR maybe run it on one of my RPis, fed by one of my home-brew QFH antennas with masthead LNA4ALL preamps. It’s still my simplest and best RX antenna.
Currently I have my 2m/70cm yagies steered by an Arduino thanks to, hamlib and Gpredict. Eventually I could add this setup to the network if there is a way to control it on-line.
Thanks for your help. I’m a SatNOGS newby.
Bob vk2byf


Hi @vk2byf,

Welcome to SatNOGS!

First you will need to log in the network, with the same credentials you joined here, and create a station there then follow the instructions in the wiki and especially in the article about raspberry pi and let us know if something is not clear.

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Thanks fredy. I’ll give it a go and see what happens.