How to help with this project?


I’ve been looking around a bit to see if there is a clear project roadmap to see if I could help out in any way.

I understand that the next goal is to make ground station setup easy and kick that off? IF so - what are the key parts still missing on that front?

In order for more people to help out with this project it has to be more public about the project roadmap and work that is required.


Hey @wnagele,

Please see post Current hardware and software state that is addressing most of your points. tl;dr We are getting there :smile:

Documentation, documentation and documentation. Basically we need as many people as possible to try following the instructions here and amend them.

Also creating documentation on how to add existing (non SatNOGS) hardware on our network is a huge deal. Any help on that would be deeply appreciated.

We are well aware of that and we are making strong steps, trying to fix that. Stick around and contribute so we can all get there sooner! :smile: