How to get satellite decoding working on rpi2

Trying to make a thread for people that want to get their decoding working on a rpi2

I could easily get the satnog client up and running but it seems the satellite could not be decoded. So after playing with gains and diffreent sdr’s I decided that the problem must be with software or how I installed it.

So I uploaded the rpi3 satnogs image from on a 4Gbyte SD card.

Did the rpi “thingies”, changed password, set times, expand filesystem, etc and reboot using

$ sudo raspi-config

Then ran

$ sudo satnogs-setup

Did the basic setup by filling in my station info etc

and did

Update from the menu

followed by

Apply from the menu

this took some time and wha la I could see my station running via my local ip and on stanogs network. So lets see what happens during an observation

PS did see the following issue

/usr/local/bin/satnogs-setup: 20: /usr/local/share/satnogs-setup/ /var/lib/satnogs/bin/pip: not found
dpkg-query: no packages found matching gr-satnogs

Somehow there seems to be the python-pip package missing!
This is not normal, but please try to install it with:

$ sudo apt install python-pip

Then run through the update process again.

Report on success, but also - with some info attached - report on fail.

Btw: no need to make screenshots - you can copy and paste the terminal output in here. If you are running a Linux System you can markup text in the terminal with your mouse while depressing the left mousebutton, which is then held in the clipboard, and paste that text with depressing the third mousebutton. Third mousebutton could be emulated with depressing left and right mousebutton simultanously.


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Did that and seems it worked.

TASK [satnogs-radio : Uninstall gr-satnogs] ***********************************************************
changed: [localhost]

TASK [satnogs-radio : Install gr-satnogs] *************************************************************
changed: [localhost]

Will monitor the observations and let you know! Thanks


I think I know what problem, but I do not know how to fix :wink: As @fredy mentioned the timing seems to be not correct although the waterfalls looks fine. I think I am losing samples?


Audio is also too short so it will never decode