How to Download Observations

I see where jjroux write that it is possible to download all the DB data from a satellite. I just don’t see how to do it.

I’d like to download all the BisonSat observations from unique observers. What I’m after is being able to say that BisonSat has been received by XXX ground stations.

Please point me in the correct direction.

Thank you

Hi @ttrickel and welcome!

If you search for observations from network you can use observation api endpoint at
If you search for demodulated data for the satellite you can use telemetry api endpoint at This one will need to be authenticated either by login or API key.

Thank you fredy,

I got a python requests.get to work - sort of. I say sort because it gets one page of the observations


Can I add a specific satellite to the string? I’m thinking of something like: network(dot)satnogs(dot)org/api/observations/tle0:“BisonSat” (I’m a new user so links are restricted)

Where would I go to find documentation on the api?

When I click on the satnogs-db API and SDK Documentation link on I get a page not found error

I think you can add &satellite__norad_cat_id=40968 to the url.

Indeed there is an issue with the current link, thanks for letting us know.

Please check this link for the API documentation. retrieveDemodData is what you are looking for.