How to do it the right way -- script after observ.?

Hey nice ppl.

I have set SATNOGS_POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT to /home/pi/ The script looks like this:

import datetime
file = open("/home/pi/testfile.txt","a")
file.write("Logged %s\n"

Just to understand the whole understandable workflow thingy. But: Nothing happens. No textfile is created after observation.

What am I missing?

Two issues:

  • The satnogs user which runs the SATNOGS_POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT will not have permission to write to /home/pi. Use /tmp instead.
  • Run the script as python /home/pi/ as the script does not have a hash-bang at the start.

It’s because of this Docker thingy? I don’t understand the concept of the whole SatNOGS stuff. It works. But if one is willing to change something or do it’s own thing: BUFF. No clue…

But: I’ll give it a go…

No, these are just common linux practices, dealing with permissions and how scripts are executed.

As I understand this stuff: the satnogs-user is sandboxed!
This is a very common way to make things more secure.

Believe me: there are a lot of things you will be able to change - but you will have to make some experience on your own. That’s a neccessary process of learning :wink:


I’m ALWAYS willing to learn :). I’m a IT related guy – ‘Ist der PC an?’ LOL.

But the SN thingy is too much of blackboxed thing inmo…

But: I don’t give up. Or maybe I’ll give up. I don’t know now.

I can’t get the point with that.

Not in sense of opensource. In sense of ‘How does the whole stuff work together. What’s goin on.’ I’m just at the very first beginning to understand the whole SatNogs package.

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There’s no denying that satnogs is complicated, but all the software is opensource, so by browsing the gitlab repositories you should be able to get a feel for what’s going on. Besides that, just ask in this forum or on IRC.

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As a non LINUX user and more RF guy I found it very easy to instal and to start to do observations. So in that regard the SatNOGS project is great.

I can understand looking it from different perspectives it will have a different look and can sometimes not make sense, but the future is endless with many stations over the world that makes it possible for amateur satellite builders to monitor their satellites without having stations on the poles (for Sun Sync orbits - not ISS orbits) for more comms time.

The more we can get to contribute the greater the total outcome for all.

Installing is dead easy. True.

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