How to - client version 1.4+9.g060844c.dirty

Im using client version 1.4+7.g5bd9e3b on my Pi 3B+
I know that there is new version 1.4+9.g060844c.dirty.
How can i upgrade to this version? Need I setup this new one manual?
What is the newest version?
Maybe someone has an image of SDCard with preinstalled newest version?

Station #456

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The newest stable version is plain 1.4. The ones you mention are unstable versions of satnogs-client.

And what about additional decoders. Is there a plan to add decoders into main package?

The sort answer is yes. However the resources are limited, so it’s not number one priority at the moment, any help/contributions are more than welcome.

By the way, anyone interested can open or have assigned an issue in If you are interested in or going to work on any issue please let a comment on it first.