How to change decoder?

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I’m trying to figure out where to edit the OPS-SAT decoder? I need to test changes and additions to the filters and also parts of the decoder process. Perhaps @DL4PD knows?

The documentation is unclear here: < There is no OPS-SAT decoder in apps/flowgraphs

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The documentation you pointed, describes how you can add a new decoder definition. This decoder can be then passed in the Frame Decoder block. With this way, we minimize the number of affected files and make easier for people to write their own decoder without having a good background with gnuradio.

You can follow the process with some existing flowgaphs and decoders. A good starting point is the AX.25 decoder ( and the FSK flowgraph that uses it (


Thanks @surligas! I’ll take this problem in two stages. 1/ replace locally the .grc / .py file and 2/ creating a new decoder from an existing one (most important right now). So say I took the as a reference point - I’m sure I can write this nps. Shame I cannot use my gnuradio python baseband decoder anymore however. There should be a route for that method.

Key question: How’d I tell satnogs-client that for OPSSAT to use the new decoder?

I would like to integrate it locally for testing purposes to look like this:

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