How to add a 2nd antenna to my system and listen on UHF?

I should like to add a 2nd antenna to my SatNogs system. Now I only have a VHF turnstile but want to listen on UHF and VHF …
Can somebody explain me how this can be done? Can I reconfigure the Client ?


If using a single SDR, first you must add the antenna with a “duplexer” (actually a diplexer) like the MFJ-916 (or similar).

Then, you simply go into your station setup and click edit, and add the new antenna that covers the UHF range you want:
(change the station number to the appropriate one, of course).

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Hello Roy,

Thanks for your response. I did not know it was that simple.
I looked into my RasberryPi client but found it in my Dashboard.

Thanks very much for your tip.

Krist ON4API

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