How rotator v3 knows how its possition in Az en Elev?

Someones knows hows the rotator informs to the arduino, and forward in the chain to the gpredict, wheres are in Azimuth and elevation???

I cant found in the documentation (with steppers motors), some sort of variable resistence that modifies from the position of each subrotor (AZ and ELEV).

I thinks, that maybe the rotator when starts goes to the parking position, and then with the steps mooving for each side, counts the steps and “knows” where are both axis in time (x and Y). It’s correct?


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OK, i’m confirm that with the steppers motors, the rotator search the home position at the begining (when reachs the endstop position and holds), and then count the steps to search a specific satellite. Knowing the steps can known exactly where it’s pointing the antennas.

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