How often the data updated at "/api/telemetry"?

I want to know the time interval at which they update the data

What exactly are you looking for @shubhamshaswat ? Data is uploaded from many ground stations around the world all the time.

So,every time a new telemetry data comes it get updated in api?Also Does it upload by the user or automatic by the satnogs-client when it received data from ground stations?

By /api/telemetry I assume you mean the “data” section of each observation .
The process works like this (Simplified):

  1. Someone schedules an observation
  2. Satnogs Records this during the overpass.
  3. Data is decoded if its one of the well known formats.
  4. A waterfall and an audio file is generated for upload
  5. Optionally a “post-obeservation” script is executed.
  6. Files in the /tmp/.satnogs/data/ directory have the proper names (for e.g data_<observation_id>_XXX ) are uploaded.

So essentially telemetry data gets uploaded after each observation.

The post processing script can be used to implement custom decoders. You can upload data by just placing it in the /tmp/.satnogs/data/ directory , with the correct name format. Also post processed data for past observations can be uploaded like this.

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So is telemetry data uploaded by default or any extra post obs needed?

Was checking, say, SatNOGS Network - Observation 1002263 has decoded data :


and if I request the data for the past week it is not in there for 11/Sept/2019 19:27:50_1


That string DAF0E6C2E8…8100000000 not present in the downloaded file.