How is it possible to schedule the same observation twice?


A wild guess… two new tabs with the same scheduling… on both calculate was hit and then on both schedule was hit. It is a known bug that there is no check of scheduled observation after hitting calculate. A check should be added when schedule button is pressed.

Sounds plausible. Thanks for the info.

Same behaviour occurs when:

  • Open Stations page and wait until Pass Predictions are loaded
  • Schedule some obs
  • Go to top of page and schedule the same obs again

This happens to me nearly everytime when [C-f] / [F3] searching for a specific sat and the search flips to the top of the page.

Maybe there should be something like a hash added to an observation.

I schedule like this too, but if I remember correctly, the second time I the observation length is only 1 second so I can see that I have already scheduled it.