How do I set/check AirspyMini sample rate?

I moved from a Raspberry Pi to a 686 desktop PC to use the 6meg sample rate of my airSpyMini.
How do I check or set that sample rate?

I see the hardware settings here;

But they look to be in hex?
What hex number should I put in there to ensure I am using my AirSpyMini to its full capacity?

No, they are in scientific notation: 3e6 is 3x10^6 = 3000000 = 3Msps.

Oh… Heh, yeah, that makes sense… I was making it harder than it needed to be…

6e6 it is then.


I have edited the file and ‘applied’ the configuration though restarting ‘satnogs-setup’.

Is there a command or way to check the sample rate?

Not really, though you will see a high CPU load when the SatNOGS demodulators will run with 6Msps. Why are you running it that high?

There was a hint in this community that higher was better for decoding.
Did I misunderstand it?

You may be right. I think the airspy’s have a somewhat nicer/flatter bandpass at higher sample rates.