How can i ask questions about a station


I’m very new to SatNOGS, my station is only in Online mode for two days. I scheduled some observation to others and i noticed that some omni stations(~similar to mine) produces some unbelievable good results. For example:
There’s not much information about the setup in the above case.(I see many others has much more detailed description about their rig.) I like to improve my setup based on the experiences of others if it’s possible. My question is how can i get some basic information about a station like what radio, lna, antenna(plans?) is used to achieve such a good results.

I think a good feature can be for the network site to add a simple messaging system so station owners can initiate communication with others.

Good idea.

I edited the wiki page at:

To include the text:

“To help your fellow operators please consider placing the following information into the “Description” field for your station: Antenna gain and location, preamp info (if any), SDR device, some kind of contact info perhaps email address.”

Its not a major writing assignment; my VHF station looks like this: Antenna: UC-4364-328 Preamp: Nooelec “Lana” noise figure 0.8 dB at 70cm SDR: NooElec / NESDR SMArTee v2 73 DE N9NFB


Maybe we can put a Contact button on the station page if the owner has a community account or a Discuss button as with the observations. The “Discuss” version can be better because the previously asked questions is already there on the forum.