High School Cubesat Initiative for Erasmus+ Schools?

Dear Friends,

I am a high school physics teacher in Turkey and interested in developing Cubsat STEM curriculum for high schools. I am also contemplating to write a Erasmus+ project to build a cubesat by high school students. There are a few Cubesat projects run by high schools and even by primary schools mainly in US. Cubesat technology has not reached to European high schools yet. I think with Erasmus+ “Strategic Partnership Program” could provide enough funding to launch a cubesat into space by Erasmus+ schools. This project is considered for the next upcoming cycle (March 2019).

I was also awarded by Erasmus+ “Learning Mobility of Individuals” to develop space curriculum for my high school. I have funding to support get some training up to 2 months. I wonder any institutions related to cubesat technology could offer some training (from 10 days to 2 months). You can find more about project on:


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