High Power Rocket Tracker - GSoC

Hi Everyone, let me reintroduce myself, My name is Sunny(sunn-e). I am a Machine Learning Engineer and Computer Science student. I was also mentor for R project for GCI-19.
This will be my first post here.
I am doing literature review for the project mentioned in the title of this post. Visit here if you are not familiar with it.
I have several questions.

  1. What are the hardware restrictions?
  2. Are we having the whole pipeline on the Raspberry Pi?
  3. Is there any restriction on the tech stack used?
  4. I am thinking of using tiny yolo due to it’s higher fps and accuracy but I will wait till the hardware restrictions get clearly defined.
    I have several other questions which you can find under issue section of the HPRTracker repository.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS: Special thanks to Red and Aditya for being there for me. :slight_smile:

Hello @sunn-e I am Deepsubhra, Information Technology studen. I was also doing Literature study.
I also have a few questions about the project:

  1. Dataset to be used… I guess we have to make our own right?
  2. I was also thinking of tiny yolo but we can also go with another approach which utilizes temporal history like Goturn?
  3. Will a mentor be assigned to the project to provide a roadmap or do we proceed on our own?

Hi @deep, It seems the idea altogether has been removed as per page revision 53270603 Pierros Papadeas Update Google Summer of Code 2020 2 days ago