Help with setup design

I’ve come across a spare M2 egg beater set, and some preamps (require 12v dc).
Would I be able to use 1 raspberry pi, two SDR (one per band) and then somehow control power to the preamps via software? I know the RTL-SDR supports lower voltage (~5vdc) and can control it via software bias tee, but I need to find a way to not have 12v to the preamps all the time since I want to run this off a battery with solar charging.
Any ideas or experience in this is appreciated.
-Kevin (KK4YEL)

I’d say yes, this can be done.
Depending on the approach (ansible or docker) two stations on the same host has been tried and works, but varying difficulties.
Using GPIO on the RPi or a USB-GPIO board you can use the {{FREQ}} in pre-obs script to set the antennas/preamps etc. I use a generic 4-relay board here.