Help with Monoprice Maker Ultimate + Cura 4 to print rotator pieces

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…if it’s your friends printer why don’t you ask him to send you his Cura profile? …it should already be tweaked for his machine-- just use his settings.

If you’re having really bad results don’t keep trying to print rotator parts… print small models or test pieces and tweak settings until it’s good, then print things that matter.

Make sure you have the printer ‘enclosed’ (all the panels/doors installed) when you try to print ABS after you get PLA working.

You’d be better off asking for help in a 3D printer forum/thingiverse group/monoprice forum.

It’s not an issue with the rotator parts, it’s your printer…you’ll get better advice or help in the appropriate forum.

I would start by asking your friend for his profile/settings.

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My friend doesn’t have the settings – he bought the printer, tinkered with a bit, and it’s sat unused for several months. He had an earlier version of Cura and from what I understand the printer profiles have changed a bit. I have asked for help in other forums, and one of the consistent pieces of advice I have received is to try to find someone else printing the same objects with the same printer/software.

I didn’t see these kind of issues with my test prints.

looks like your slicer settings are all out of wack or you have a hardware issue (underextrusion/partially clogged nozzle? …someone with the same printer would be much more helpful)

Get the printer working with other models. These rotator parts are basically ‘blocks of plastic’ … (at least the one you seem to be struggling with)… The gears are a different story, but the one you have pictured is about as simple as it gets.

The very first link in a google search turns up multiple resources where people will be able to help (or you might be able to just download a profile that works perfectly from someone with thesame printer, if you aren’t experiencing a hardware issue that is)
looks like the wanhao duplicator 6 is the exact same machine too

Get a Benchy printed out properly, then you know you’ll be ready for printing the rotator parts… until you switch to ABS then you’ll have to start tweaking all over again