Help needed with wiki documentation

Hey all!

Now that we have v3 of rotator and other components ready for publishing, we would like to start documenting things over at our wiki.

We are looking for people that like wikis and documentation.

Our ask is simple:

  • Create an account on our wiki.
  • Reply here so we can coordinate.
  • Priority 1 is to document the v3 of Rotator.

If you are interested you can start by looking similarly structured wikis like the RepRap one ( this page is a fantastic example) and start populating our v3 page here.

Use documentation already available like in this thread

Let’s make our wiki the most awsome place for go to information around SatNOGS!


SatNOGS Wiki User:Elkos reporting for coordination :slight_smile:


We are a team of undergrads at UCSD. We are taking a class that requires us to contribute to an open source project, and we have chosen to help SatNOGS. We will be working on documentation mostly, and improvements to the design if we find anything specific. Our wiki name is raulpegan. One thing we currently need help with is a BOM for the components on the PCB. Any tips on where to look? Once we have that, we plan on creating tutorials for it, including a short KiCAD and PCB printing tutorial! After we are done with rotator controller, we will work on the actual rotator. Antenna, DB, and Network are bottom priority for us.

Let us know what you think!


I went to sign up today but got an error with the email verification you may need to look at.

Mailer returned: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function.


Thanks for the help!

You can find the BOM as an .ods file in github. BOM for the rotator is in

For the PCBs they are as .csv and .xml files in the respective part directories at

Note that when it comes down to docs for the rotator itself (not the PCBs) there are going to be slight differences for US/Imperial printed parts. I’m happy to help point out and modify where needed.


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Thanks for reporting this. We fixed the issue with our mail setup.

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I’ve had a quick go at a page, is this the kind of thing you were after?

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Feel free to transfer those in the v3 page

oops didn’t see that page. I’ll move it

Hey all,

We would like to document as many different modular options (even with existing commercial hardware) as possible. If you own rotator or ground station equipment, we would love your help on documenting all different options and part of your setup, so we can help newcomers setting up their own stations.

Check here, and add your equipment!

As someone who has been looking at making a ground station for the last few months but has been confused by the documentation being all over the place I am excited for this!