[Help needed] Gpredict integration with SatNOGS DB


I saw the problem…

For the mode ID field, I forgot to commit my last code…

Let me do a final check and commit the changes… Sorry for confusion…



I will checkout from https://github.com/csete/gpredict/tree/satnogsdb branch and merge my code into it… I hope I will finish it soon…


Ok Baris, sounds good. There is no rush since the master branch is now back unaffected.


We currently have filtering per satellite on the transmitters endpoint. Does this suffice for gpredict needs?

eg. https://db.satnogs.org/api/transmitters/?satellite__norad_cat_id=40948&format=json


That could be used too after the list of satellites was fetched.

Anyway, I don’t think it is a problem. It just means that the function in gpredict will have to do a little more than traversing the list once and writing data as it encounters it.


Sorry for late response, I was too busy last two weeks…

I prepared the fixed version which includes :slight_smile:

  • MODE names are the descriptions from MODES API now,
  • The mess of putting only the last transponder into TSRP file is fixed

@csete : do I have rights to push into satnogs branch ? If not, I can commit to my github fork and you may get the effected files…

73’s DE TA7W


Hi Baris,

Make a fork, add your changes then submit a pull request with respect to my satnogsdb branch.



I did…

If I have time this weekend I will try to d a code review myself…



@ta7w Hey!

Did you have any chance to get any traction with this? We would love to see DB in gpredict! Thanks for all your hard work!


Yes, there is an open pull request now that is waiting for me, but I am overloaded with gqrx at the moment and probably till the end of September, sorry.


@pierros @ta7w

At long last, I had some time to test it and it looks fine. The code has been merged into the satnogsdb branch. After some testing I will merge it into the master branch.

Thanks a lot!


It’s now merged into the master branch :slight_smile:



I’ve downloaded and compiled the latest (2016-11-25) master branch and have noticed an problem.

When I try and update the transponders from the network it downloads transmitters.json just fine but then throws this error in the log:

NXJSON PARSE ERROR (345): unexpected chars at }

I’m not sure exactly how many I get, certainly hundreds, I think one message per satellite.

It does NOT generate any trsp files.

If I delete all files in satdata and trsp dirs I can repopulate the satdata just fine but nothing other than modes.json or transmitters.json will be in trsp.

I’m running linux, Fedora 24.

Gpredict seems to work fine otherwise.

New install / Gpredict 2.2.1 / Transponder Data

Hmm, I can not even download the modes.json and transmitters.json files because I get certificate errors. Works fine in the browser though , so it must by my curl setup.

Do you have any content in the files?


Yes, I have two files modes.json and transmitters.json both with data.

Don’t know if it’s looking for carridge returns, newlines or not but both those files are all one line.

I’ve pasted them into an online json validator and they come back okay.

I should clarify that it’s not in the actual log file I see that error message it’s on the commandline if I start gpredict in a terminal.

I’d attach the files to this but I’m not sure how.


Dave - VE3NNW


I have sorted my installation out - I needed to use the openssl version of libcurl instead of the NSS-version. Now it downloads the data and parses them correctly without errors, so I don’t understand why it is not working for you.

We can compare json files if you want.


You could upload it to https://gist.github.com/ or some other similar service.



I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the right way to do it but …

I’ve uploaded them to

seemed successful.

Dave - VE3NNW


Well, your files are identical to the ones I have so gpredict downloads them correctly and I’m not sure why it fails to parse them. Maybe some problems with the locale - we will have to investigate. Unfortunately I have very little time at the moment because I am moving to a new QTH in December.



Can you try with the latest code from git? I have fixed a few bugs in this area during the last days.