Help need with setting up ground station

We have a complete ground station and we need some help with putting it into operation.

Our basic setup is:
M squared LEO pak uhf (downlink) and vhf (uplink) antennas
Yaesu G-5500 az-el rotator and controller
ERC rotator interface
Kenwood TS-2000 radio
SatPc 32 software, Win10

We would like to establish communications with anyone who has operational experience with this setup.

Many thanks to all who respond.

My email address is: occamrazr@yah…com

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Where are you located? With such a nice setup, I’m sure some local sat-ham would love to help you set it up.

Also, try the amsat mailing list ( for access to more people who use very similar setups.

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Thanks for the response Roy.
We are located in Oak Ridge, TN.
So far, I’ve sent this request to:
Amsat-na bbs
GroupsIO -work-sat
GroupsIO - Kenwood TS-200

… and you are the first to respond!

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Man, if you were close to me I’d love to help with the set-up. But seeing as you haven’t got any takers, maybe we can help you via the forum.

Do you have all of the hardware physically set up? If no, is there any specific area that is causing a problem? If yes, have you successfully tracked a satellite yet? We can help, but the topic is so broad that we’ll have to break it up into little pieces.


Thanks, Roy
At this point, I am just a helper/kibitzer and not an operator. I know that all the physical pieces are in place and working ( except for the TS-2000 where we haven’t climbed the full learning curve yet ).

As far as I know, we have not tracked or received a satellite yet.

If you are amenable, please pass on your email address and I will hook you up with the operators. My address is