Help for OpenEMS sinuous antenna simulation

Hello, I would like to simulate an sinuous antenna with OpenEMS and Octave. Does anyone know this software ?
I have the code to draw the antenna under Octave.

sinuous_antenna.pdf (46.0 KB)

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I find this post on openEMS forum :

This antenna will be a challenge to model in CST, even more in OpenEMS. But if you have already constructed the model, what issues are you facing with running the simulation?

I started with simulation software just 2 months ago. After simulating my biconical antenna with 4nec2, I looked for another broadband antenna and came across the sinuous siprale antenna.
I have read a lot of documentation on this antenna and now I am in the simulation stage to define the right configuration before manufacturing. I think this antenna will be better than the biconical, I have problem during rainy weather. The circular polarizations of the sinuous spiral antenna should be more efficient with satellite.
With the information found on the forum, I managed to calculate. Now I’m trying to visualize the results.
I’ve folder with et, ht, nf2ff*.h5 and port.* files.

I move forward little by little