Help for a newbie please

I am looking to build the AZ/EL rotator and 3D print all the parts myself, but I there seems to be an error on the instructions link.
Can anyone tell me what files I need to download so I can 3D print the parts and where I can get the instructions as this is all a little confusing at the moment for me
Many Thanks

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Hi and welcome, could you provide the link you followed and didn’t work and also where did you find it, so we can fix it?

@azisi @aris12 could you provide where the 3D printed parts can be found? Thanks!

Here is the broken link:



@m0jtl Here you go

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Hi, where exactly did you find this broken link?

broken link

The only locations I can find it is posts in this forum that reference the link, such as:

There is still this link, but there’s no /hardware/ under it any more: