Has anyone done this in a mobile setup

Has anyone ever done one of these portable I’m in a situation where I cannot install permanently

Well, the SatNOGS concept is based around scheduling satellite passes that occur in the future at a given location, so the setup needs to stay fixed and online at least a few days, IMO.


So, is it useful at all? Probably not. It is cool and I learned a lot, but actually driving somewhere, setting it up correctly (which involves reprogramming the arduino for every satellite), and then sitting around is pretty much the opposite of useful.

Most people want satellite trackers so that they can put them outside and then control the antenna from inside, which someone probably can’t do with mine unless they live in a really nice place (or build a radome). However, it could be useful for a small number of people who have covered balconies or porches. It wouldn’t receive the full effect of the weather and they wouldn’t be able to get more than 180 degrees from a balcony anyways.

I was just curious on this I don’t own the home I am living in and I guess I could design mine small enough to fit in the back of my encore would want to run this outside in Texas in July and August

Hello yes I’m working on a portable setup (high ground away from the City) with the plan to find a location to set up a day camp, operate amateur radio while SATnogs is running jobs. The key to this is a 4G network at the location and pre preparation (power supply, choosing the location, making sandwiches and a flask of tea)

I will arrive at location, set the RPi3 SATnogs station up, connect to my mobile 4G, change location in settings then schedule a few jobs (via my laptop) while I get on with setting up a HF ham radio operating station.

I hope to get this on my YouTube Channel ‘2E0EZT portable radio’.

For me it is similar, but in difference I’m traveling for work and will stay for two or three weeks at the same place. But it would be nice if you keep us updated. A RPi3 would take also the job for my setup with additional hooking up a second RTL-SDR to also run dump1090 and PlaneFinder Feed on 1090 MHz as well. 4G Network will be done by a small router inside the truck that also can take a normal network cable, so I can leave WiFi and BT switched off on the RPi3.