Hamvention 2016 update

Hamvention was a huge success! This year we were inside which gave us a LOT more foot traffic and visitors. The down side to that was that we did not have enough space to show off movement in the rotator (almost not enough space to even have it there).

Some highlights:

  • handed out about 1500 flyers
  • presented to a couple hundred attendees at the TAPR digital forum
  • made some great connections with AMSAT
  • got some people interested in joining the network with their existing stations
  • met a couple of people who are “in progress” of building a ground station

Could not have done this without @danwhite and his students from Valparaiso University: John, Matt, Chris, and Ashlee. They held down the fort very well and helped engage all of our visitors!


thank you for coming!!
when i got back to the hotel after the booth, i ordered boards from OSH Park. i should have them in a week or two.
just the kick in the butt i need.
thanks again


It was a pleasure meeting some more SatNOGS folks, sorry I missed you cshields and @danwhite.

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Looks great. Glad it was a success and hope there are a few takers

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An article about the booth is at: The Booths of Hamvention

There were lots of people who said they saw the booth in the flea market area. Between last year, DCC, and this year, I think the project has had good engagement with the ham community. It is frequent in forums to have people I’ve not heard of make posts to the tune of “you should check out SatNOGS” in threads dealing with rotators or satellites.

@dosman the lasered key fobs turned out nice, plus the new lasered helical braces

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