Hamlib, Gpredict Batch file query (Windows OS)

Hi All
I have recently been working on a DIY rotator with Quarterpounder FW using the Arduino Uno and CNC shield.
The hardware seems to operate as expected in that using rotctld and rotctl I can send the “P” command and entering Az and El values the motors rotate and then stop on their target values confirmed by the command “p” for the readback. This is all laid out on a test bench.

Moving on, I have tried to get GPredict to control the motors without success,
I have created the Rotator interface, and the batch file which resides in the Hamlib\Bin folder
both GPredict and Hamlib are in the Program Files (x86) folder. Maybe this is wrong and someone can explain please.
The FW utilises Easycomm 3 and strangely the only way I can get the motors to move is with the “P” command, The “M” command asked for direction and speed so I enter “2” for up and 5 for speed and nothing happens to the motors but I do get text in the command console.
Hoping someone can shed some light , Thanks