Ham Radio Deluxe

I would like to control the antenna rotor locally with Ham Radio Deluxe when not on the network. Has anybody done this ? I will be building the antenna rotor with a raspberry pi 2.

I need to add that Ham Radio Deluxe was written for Windows so a
PC will need to talk to the Pi.

Yes! I’ve done this many times using gpredict in the house. You need to make sure rotctld is set to listen to the public IP address of the raspberry pi and not (if you followed the instructions this would be in the /etc/supervisord/conf.d/rotctld.conf file). Then set HRD to connect to that IP address and port 4533.

Note that you will also need to tell the satnogsclient about this IP address as by default it connects to, do this by adding a SATNOGS_ROT_IP to your environment line in /etc/supervisord/conf.d/satnogs.conf

Also note that if you are using dhcp your IP may change over time if you do not reserve it for your pi.


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Thank you Corey I appreciate the info! I can feel confident about proceeding with the build now, as I didn’t want to build this system unless I knew I could use it with my station too.



P.S. I will probably have other questions as I build…

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Only thing I will add is that if you plan to do this I would advise against v2 (make sure you go for the v3 design) as you will be adding a certain amount of pull to the the station from the coax going down. Even then, a lightweight coax pigtail would help.