Ham Antenna alternative?

Hi everyone.

Would I be able to get away with using a Ham Radio antenna? is there anything that I should look out for?

Which antenna are you talking about @Bountyhunter ?

Do you have designs or pics?

Something like this VHF Base station antenna or I was also looking at this Ham Radio Antenna

In theory those antennas would give you some good coverage really low on the horizon (assuming you have a clean horizon around you). But don’t expect to be hearing any satellites on 30+ degrees above horizon, with the notable exception of NOAA and XW sats (that have really strong transmitters)

Would it be best to look at a Turnstile? There’s a really popular one on eBay that I found but my fear is that it won’t pick up as much as I can get. 3D printer isn’t coming in until December to build our rotor and home made Antenna setups (yet)

@Bountyhunter I think you can get very interesting signals from a Turnstile or a Lindy, for example @csete has a groundstation https://network.satnogs.org/stations/13/ that uses a Turnstile that gets great results so do others in prod and in stage