HackRF gains, AMP?

I have a question: whats mean “AMP” when you make gain settings for HackRF ?
AMP = 0, you dont have any LNA near antenna ?
AMP = 14, you have a LNA near antenna ?
If you have LNA, AMP=14 has any influence to bias voltage ? (I saw its another settings for bias, but my LNA has separate power supply).

Cristian - YO4DFT
testing station 3387

Hi, iirc from the block diagram

Lower left, U14 and U12 switches can select the path via U13 which is a LNA.
Do note that it is very prone to frying, and the LNA belongs close to the antenna feedpoint and not after the signal already has been lost through a long stretch of coax (:
You can also see the bias feed there, although pretty weak at 3.3V and 50mA.