HACKRF / Funcube dongle support?

What is the current status of support for Hackrf and funcube dongle Plus.
I might have access to these soon, and could help out testing.


Hi @Jferns – it looks like support for the HackR is included in the gr-satnogs module, which means satnogs-client should support it.

While support for the Funcube isn’t in there now, satnogs-client should work with any hardware supported by gnuradio or osmosdr; if you’re familiar with Python and git perhaps you could test it out and submit a pull request?

Hi Jferns,

hackRF is supported. However I am not sure about the values of the RF parameters that are defined in the hw_settings.py posted by @saintaardvark. Feel free to suggest better values.

Funcube is not supported, but it can easily integrated if you provide me the RF parameters (gain, sampling rate, etc), because I do not have access to such device.

hackrf works but not with a raspberry pi - you need hardware that can handle a higher sample rate coming in to the gr-satnogs script (if you go too low on the hackrf the performance is horrible).

As for funcube dongles they are not supported today as they are seen as audio devices and need their own source blocks in gr (as opposed to osmosdr). This could be done by a different script and intercepting the device selection in client to select the other script set, but that’s a lot of work that just hasn’t been done yet. We’ve been advising people to get a $25 rtlsdr instead, as it performs wonderfully.

-Corey KB9JHU

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Thanks. I will run some tests with hackrf on a PC. For FCD I don’t have experience with gnuradio coding, so there is not much I can help.

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