GT-1 TLE question

Hello SatNOGS Team,

SatNOGS is still listing GT-1 as being assigned an internal SatNOGS NORAD ID of

99435 - GT-1

Current observations are using NORAD 51510 via

1 51510U 98067TH 22059.62727380 .00053631 00000-0 84316-3 0 9998
2 51510 51.6450 153.8400 0005743 183.3381 176.7571 15.53072618 3984

That said, I am curious to know at what point the switch from the ‘Followed NORAD ID’ in DB graduates to be the ‘NORAD ID’? Are valid GT-1 data frames a form of public evidence that the TLE’s are indeed correct? Is that what is needed to make a request in DB to have this changed? Or is there other criteria?

My angle on this is being able to add GT-1 to satnogs-auto-scheduler, which as far as I know cannot schedule satellites with SatNOGS 99xxx TLE’s designations.

Thanks in advance
Scott (satcolintel5)


I’m preparing a guide with all the concepts around operations that will include answers to this and other questions.

A quick answer is that if you have evidence (for example using strf tools or ikhnos) or any other source with similar public evidence that support this identification then you can proceed and suggest the change of removing the “Followed Norad ID”, replacing the “Norad ID” with the identified one and adding in citation field a link to these evidence.

Check threads of previous launches and you will find several posts with identifications to get an idea. If something is not clear let us/me know.

PS Usually discussions for identifications happen in the #satnogs matrix channel. If anyone wants to contribute actively on this field I recommend joining this channel.


@fredy as always, thanks for the explanation … and sorry for my bad timing! Will keep an eye for the guide, maybe I can help more going forward. :slight_smile: And will check threads of previous launches and consider the satnogs matrix. option :+1: