GS33 & 328 move to local school

My ground stations are suffering quite a bit from local noise, observations are becoming less and less useful so I am in the process of hatching a plan to move them to a nearby school and to use the move as a way of integrating this into a STEM project.

It’ll be fairly straightforward to move the GS’s and I’m using a local group to support with installing antennas etc. But before I go and produce my own materials for the classroom stuff has this been done before? The students are 11-16 generally and we’ll work out details after C19 restrictions. I have done this before with younger kids on a temporary basis but this is likely to be a permanent set up.

If anyone has any teaching materials to had then let me know and I’ll avoid repeating the effort. Move is likely to happen after the summer so no rush.



I’m not aware of any educational material especially for this age group. There are discussions here and on irc/matrix from time to time about educational activities and as far I can say there are people interested in them.

Good luck with your attempt! I’m looking forward to your updates. :slight_smile: