Group buy / make

This is only to test the water and see if there is a need but there seem to be a few people asking for leftover PCB’s. If there is a need for these then perhaps a group buy for a new set would be worthwhile. Likewise if there are other hardware parts that may be worth sending but primarily it looks like PCB’s are in demand.

I’m happy to do a bit of digging about for either populated on unpopulated boards (also supplier recommendations can come with requests). I generally use services like Dirty PCB’s who have a minimum order.I also notice that these services are branching into 3D printing as well.

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Great idea!

I’d definitely be interested in a set (if not 2) of the latest version boards.

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Well then lets make a shopping list. I could do with some of the latest boards but also have some of the v2 boards kicking about that someone might want.

How do you think it ought be managed? A forum post seems a bit clunky but would work for now I suppose.


To start things off I have 7 off v2 PCB’s that are needing homes. Please PM me if you are interested. I have no problem posting wordwide and that will be at cost. The boards will be £4 each or nearest you can get to with your local currency. Paypal will work for me.

If you’re not sure if they are for you then bear in mind that if you are wanting a no rotator setup then you don’t need them, just for a stepper motor based rotator.

I will be using the money to buy a bunch more (ones for both DC and stepper) and we’ll start all over again. If you’re not familar with them then the (rubbish) photo below should help, but feel free to ask any questions.

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Which version V2 are they?
I downloaded the layout from the wiki and the v2 (on silk screen) looks completely different. The stepper drivers are side by side.

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Oh dear. I’ll look into that.

So I need to correct the version number on the PCB’s I have. They are not a V2 but the iteration before that (2016), they are still ok for stepper motors but not DC motors. PM me if you’re unsure. v1.2 on the left and the ones I have left over are on the right (red PCB’s)


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V2 PCB’s are on order - Likely to be with me on 6-8 weeks. 10 off have been ordered so there will be a few spares :wink:

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Excellent. I shall be waiting, lol :slight_smile:

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10 off V2 PCB’s have landed from DirtyPCB’s so if you want one shout up

I have 8 Pcb version 2 and 3 maked by pcbfusion.

So write to for buy