Ground station total system


I was looking at the Satnogs Website and I found this picture (see below).
Now I was wondering about the Odroid U3.
In this picture it seems like it is an interface between the TP-link, DVB-T stick and stepper driver(and GPS module). But in The Satnogs Ground station It looks like the only thing connecting them is the USB hub.

I always thought you could connect the DVB-T stick and the stepper driver directly to the Router (with a hub) Is this true? or do I need an extra interface? (like the Ordoid U3)

Is something like this possible?

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The current setup is kind of what you describe. There is no Odroid O3 but an arduino for low level interface and an wr703n router, however it does not perform fancy high level functions yet. But it’s small and sneaky.