Ground Station Network Considerations?

I am trying to figure out why my ground station does not show online with SatNOGs Network. Are there any networking requirements needed to get the Ground Station through a router and onto the WAN? Do I need to open a port or make adjustments to the firewall on the router or do something else to allow the Raspberry Pi 3 / running client version 0.2.5 to bee seen by the SatNOGS Network?
Thanks - N7IPY - Will

Hey Will!

Did you setup your API keys that you can find on your user page in network-dev ? Let me know if you see any other logs on the client, so we can help

you will need to set the URL appropriately too… in the docs I think we just have, change to for the dev site and testing your ground station.

Thanks for the help. That worked!!! fixing the URL and then ran supervisorctl reload command, and a few minutes later it shows up as Online. I will now shut it down until I get home this afternoon as the antenna is not connected to the RTL-SDR. Im running remote through a VPN while at work right now and can’t get hands on the system. Will - N7IPY