Ground Station KM17ux (Stony)

Already live and kicking my SatNOGS ground station, Stony, with a Turnstile antenna. Many people from the SatNOGS team helped me set this up. Below some photos showing the antenna rooftop deployment and how everything is stacked in a really small box :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work!!!

What is this small blue led???

So you’re not using a rotator? And can you please post a quick (one page) guide on how you set this up? Hardware and software. I would really like to skip the rotator parts since it is very difficult and long for me to get 3d printed parts.

This is the power on led from LNA.

I have a similar setup… with a helical antenna.

antenna -------cable---- lna ------ sdr (rtlsdr)— rpi 3 (connected to power and internet)
Installing SatNOGS on a Raspberry Pi 3

Thank you so much. I will try this and tell you how it works out.

Hey fredy, can you enlighten me about the LNA and the kind of cable being used?

I am learning things on the go here so please don’t mind my questions.

Hey comzeradd. Looking at the first picture I would like to know what you‘ve used to build this. Like what kind of LNA etc.



Hey @Schinderberge !

Check here

The LNA is this one

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