Ground Station error notification

Would it be possible for the Network to automatically email GS owners when their station(s) go offline? It already sets the OFFLINE flag, so sending an email as well should be easy.

Since I don’t check my GS’s everyday, I’ve noticed at times 1 in particular, will be down for a day or more. If GS owners received an email letting them know, the GS would be restarted faster resulting in less observations missed.


Yes, that’s a good idea.

The only reason this is not the case yet is because we need to combine this with some user email settings, so people who don’t want that can opt-out.

But yes, it totally makes sense.

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I like your idea a lot. In the meantime, one thing I’ve done with my own station is set up Monit to monitor my ground station. It’s running on a Linux machine I’ve got at home that’s always on, and is configured to email me if the station stops responding to pings.


+1 on the monitoring. Mine is up in the loft and I could do with a desktop thing that would give me status, like the satnogs control page but with the email / im if its down. Something low powered and cheap (because I’m tight!)

Opened an issue in GitLab satnogs-network.
Hopefully that was the correct spot :slight_smile:

Wonder if there is anything similar for Windoze??

I have noticed at times, the GS is still reachable either via ping or ssh, but certain processes have stopped. This is where a Network email is good, once the ‘Offline’ flag has been set.

I use uptimerobot with the keyword checker

Yes, but that means installing and configuring more software onto all the GS’s. Plus added internet traffic and other things to go wrong, etc. I’m not a Linux guru like most here.
Hence having the Network do it, makes it easier, as it’s already monitoring.

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Well uptimerobot is a website that checks stuff. Not additional software needed.

Another account to maintain somewhere, NO thanks.

Reporting should be part of the GS account, simple as that.


Curious to know if errors are manually reported to GS owners.

Noticed one of my GS’s hasn’t been producing valid data for almost 10 days. NO, I don’t’ check them everyday.
Observations have been vetted, so the schedulers have seen bad data, yet no-one has contacted me to say so.
Why is this?

Hey @Zathras, unfortunately we still report errors manually.

Schedulers did report that your station returned bad data but it was my fault not to reporting it to you. :frowning:

As stations number increases, I think that one of the next tasks on network should be to implement the automatic notifications for the station owner that will opt in to receive emails.

Until then I’ll try to report issues as soon as possible.

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Ok, cool. Thanks fredy.

I saw a post on facebook re ISS SSTV and my GS wasn’t there. I went and checked and saw bad data. Lucky just a reboot fixed the issue.

Auto notifications would be nice for sure. Seems from this experience, even GS’s with multiple Failed data need to be notified. That’s not going to be easy :frowning:
I wonder if a script on the RPi could do a reboot, after seeing a certain number of 0 byte files?


shower thought: what if we trigger an email to the GS owner anytime an observation is marked as “Failed”?

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shower thought: what if we trigger an email to the GS owner anytime an observation is marked as “Failed”?

Hopefully that’ll be part of the Auto notifications, when implemented.

I notice this topic is over a year old,any further with automatically emailing / text message for a station offline or producing failed observations / no data / no waterfall / no audio ?
I get the emails but only after the station has been off for a while.? …


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Still is done semi-automatically. If anyone has time to work on that please comment on this issue:

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