Ground Station #77 - Pi-3 Crashed and is off line

Checking things this morning as I notices a number of passes were scheduled during the night and then I found that my site has not been seen for over 6 hours. I am at work now so can’t power cycle the Pi-3 and bring it back on line until I get home this evening. Using my VPN I can ping the Pi-3 and it responds but it will not allow a connection. Second time this has happened. Not being a Pi programmer wiz, wondering what logs I should dump for clues to the failure?

Also have a LNA on order and will be re-positioning the tracker to a little better location with a better view of the sky this coming weekend.

Knee-jerk thoughts are overheating or the power supply is not strong enough (make sure it is a solid 2.5amp power supply… often times chargers, even ‘tablet’ rated chargers, won’t push enough to the rpi3)

I’m not sure either, I don’t think it is environmental; it is my Electronics Shop which is air conditioned and the Pi is in a case with a fan too. Ill swap out the power supply this weekend when I re-position the antennas to a higher location and then see what happens.

Power Supply upgraded to a 2.5 AMP brick and Antenna System moved to higher location. Waiting for the eBay Per-AMP I ordered right after I got home from Dayton to arrive. Will need to mount it in an enclosure for outside use. Hopefully this will all improve reliability and received signal quality.