GreenCube - what amateur stations using the satellite?

As the GreenCube satnogs data comes in, how do I search for amateur radio stations heard using the satellite ?

Someone posted on twitter a map of the stations, but I am interested in finding the callsigns so that I can set-up a sked for a QSO with them.

Br, Joseph OG7D

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Open an observation, look at data and ASCII

When I do this:

I get:
Internal Server Error

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There was an outage and should be fix right now.

ah, I see now – but, going through each hex ascii area scanning is rather laborious.

does satnogs extract the callsigns somewhere ?

Someone on twitter had a map with all the locations, as dots, displayed – not sure what mechanism they are using… any hints ?

Hi Joseph - OG7D,
As a both a SATNOGs station operator and a new GreenCube user I would suggest that SATNOGs is probably not the best way to go to find a list of users.

My SATNOGS station is typical of many. It is a small antenna, a LNA and a RTL-SDR. Good for LEO sats but it just does not have enough gain and sensitivity to receive GreenCube in its 6000km+ MEO orbit. Some of the high end SATNOGS stations with high gain tracking antennas can get enough signal to allow decoding. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of those. I think you may spend a lot of time looking a blank data. My GreenCube station has an 11 element yagi, a LNA and a SDRPlay RSPdx SDR (ie much greater signal and sensitivity)……and I really need a bit more to decode more reliably.

That said I have found listening on the GreenCube frequency throws up quite a lot of call signs ……all eager to make a contact and try out their system. They are live contacts in your footprint. I am not sure how to get callsigns for stations outside your footprint. I suggest putting out a delayed CQ to ALL and see how you go. We need to think a bit about delays to get the signal transmitted at the right time for the desired stations footprint. Then the station has to be on and listening and have good signals. Interesting.

Hope this helps.

John – VK4JBE

Yes, I agree with this… seeing other posts on various social media has been a good way.

The motivation for me coming to satnogs to look is that I saw a twitter post by a person that had a map of “locations heard on GreenCube via satnogs” with push-pins. As I inquired about map and callsigns, the person has yet to respond. But, I was thinking the data might be readily available here.

I am still wondering how they put their data together. Maybe there are APIs here that they are utilizing ?

Br, Joseph, OG7D.

Do you mean this tweet?

If so, I think they used the position of the satellite when telemetry was received. Not where the receiving satnogs station was located.

Edit: there are no push-pins in this tweet though