Gr-gpredict-doppler / 'gpredict' has no attribute 'doppler' in gnuradio 3.10

Hello everyone,
It’s been a while since I almost searched the internet to find a version adapted to gnuradio 3.10 (this lib gr-gpredict-doppler ). Because this version is only available on gnuradio 3.8 (GitHub - gruffen/gr-gpredict-doppler-3.8: GNURadio 3.8 OOT module to receive Doppler shift info from Gpredict). Do you have any idea how to manage the doopler on gnuradio from gpredict via tcp?

Thanks team A+

Have a look at Real time Doppler correction with GNU Radio – Daniel Estévez

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It looks pretty similar to gr-satnogs doppler block, both uses a rigctld to communicate with. Soon(ish) there will be a gr-satnogs for gnuradio-3.10 and it should still be there. Not sure if it’s a drop in replacement with what you use, but the general concept is the same.
If you really want it ported, maybe talk to Bjoern Kerler, he has done a lot of OOT porting to 3.10 and beyond.

What Jan proposed is a much better solution IMHO, it’s a sample-by-sample gradual doppler change rather than a stepped change.
I did experiment with it a bit on a gnuradio-3.10 flowgraph that could be used in satnogs-client or any other gs software.
The main difference is that you need to generate the doppler file before the flowgraph is started, but needs no updated information during the pass.