Gqrx and Gnuradio Doppler correction

Hi folks,
I am trying to use gpredict with gqrqx and gnuradio to decode digital satellites.
I am still at the beginner and cannot understand how to do.
Actually i am moving the frequency manually but i would like to how to do for doing it in automatic.
Please any advice how to set the programs?
73’s de Enzo IK8OZV

You can do it in this way… i’m doing it with that step by step and it works.

Let me know if i can help you with that, if you have problems

Thanks it worked.
Now i have to understand how to make gnuradio decoding the satellites.
Can you help me maybe off the forum as it is only for gpredict???
Thanks once more

i don t know how do that,if you want to try and share the results, it would be great…

Maybe you can see the GNU Radio module from Daniel Estevez (