GPSD - Getting configuration right

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Hi all,

I am trying to get gpsd / SatNOGS working with a GPS Pi Hat. The hat and gpsd works with demo code, but it does not appear to be being used by SatNOGS despite configuring as below:


I have found little documentation or references to this, so thought it might be a good time to investigate and ask some questions to gather the knowledge.

1. How should the Basic Configuration be set on the DEVICE for Lat/Lon/Alt when this will vary?

2. How (if at all), is this reflected when scheduling observations (on WEB)?

Answer: When a station sends new location details, these are automatically updated on the network for future observations. This will NOT be reflected in any already scheduled observations.

3. What other configuration is required for this to work?

4. Should the /etc/default/satnogs-client contain references to using gpsd?

Presently my observations just use the details in the /etc/default/satnogs-client file (lat/lon/alt).

Any thoughts would be great.

A quick reply on this after a quick search, it looks like that client supports GPSD, however the configuration menu has never been completed to support all the necessary menu items. In other words it was never completely added as feature but it seems we are really close to complete it.

In client code there are functions/methods that get the position and set it for use. In the file above there are four related settings:


However only SATNOGS_GPSD_CLIENT_ENABLED is available in configuration menu. There was a merge request to add the rest but it was closed by the author and it hasn’t been merged.

I’m not sure how easy is or if it is impossible to set these extra settings without using the configuration tool. I’ll try to find out more details and let you know.

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