Gpredict with Linux

Hi All,
For the purposes of test and compatibility I setup Gpredict and rotator on my Windows 10 machine , with the intention if all went well I would migrate the setup to the Raspberry Pi.
I am now at the stage of migration and have Hamlib and Gpredict installed on the pi.

My question is where should the script file reside (previously the batch file on Win 10) ?
Also where does Gpredict expect to find the rotator configuration file you setup when configuring the rotator,
I would expect the answer to the above to be the same , guidance needed please, thanks

The rotator configuration file for gpredict is in ~/.config/Gpredict/hwconf.

But I don’t need a script file.
I just run hamlib (rotctld) by

rotctld -m 202 -r /dev/ttyUSB1 -s 9600 --port=4533

and then gpredict.

Hi dl7ndr

Thanks for the info , I could not quite find ~/.config/Gpredict/hwconf
but mine may well be different, and I did not get much time to look into it last night.
I am using the Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Bookworm OS (64 bit), also I Installed Gpredict using this walkthrough
Open-Source Satellite Tracking: Installing Gpredict on a Raspberry Pi 5 – ASTROISK
Maybe its because it was intended for the RPi 5 ?

Gpredict does work as expected and I have installed Hamlib , Hopefully I will get an hour or so to look deeper over the weekend,
Thanks again
Steve, (G7NSJ)