Gpredict with K2+transverter and SDR Play


I’m new, from Yellowknife, NT, Canada grid square DP22
Looking over what I have on hand I may not be far from getting on the linear U/v satellites, that is if the following combination can be made to work in Gpredict
Uplink would be my Elecraft K2 with the transverter option and a Down East Microwave 432-28 transverter.
Downlink, I’d like to try a SDR Play 1A (haven’t ordered it yet)

At the moment I have Gpredict on a desktop running Elementary Linux, but it’s Gpredict is behind a few versions.

Has anyone taken this approach with Gpredict and had it work?


Hi Ron,

Theoretically it can work, but I think there will be need for some tinkering. The Elecraft K2 is probably OK but the SDRPlay 1 is not supported out of the box because of the binary only drivers. Might work with the 64 bit binary bundle of gqrx though.

In any case, it will be a good idea to use recent version of gpredict as pre-2.0 versions are just too old to support now.,


i think that this helps, from the SDR Play site I found this:
Software is beyond me, I haven’t been able to keep up and do so little that I’m not retaining some of the basics.
I have some hardware to play with, a SDRPlay 1A has been ordered and the K2 is here, and I have a spare Raspberry Pi 3 to work with.

On the Raspberry Pi 3 you can simply muse the binary bundle from the Gqrx website:

It already includes the patches and libraries for SDRPlay.

As for Gpredict, we will need to find out if you can use one of our binaries from he Ubuntu PPA.