Gpredict TLE update error

i was using gpredit for a month. suddenly it displays “error” instead of satellite name. updated via network. it shows satellite udated=0 and thousands skipped.
can you please guide me to get update?


no change was made in preferences and the location is in my documents where the user has full permission.

thanks in advance

You have to wait until new data is available before you can update again, something like a day or so.

I have no idea what goes wrong with the names. You can try File -> log browser to see if there are any useful error messages.

Thank you for the reply. little R&D helped.
i downloaded another copy of gpredict and it had the same problem.
Then i deleted gpredict folder under c:\users<username>.and opened the new downloaded copy.
it opened as a fresh new install and back to normal after updating TLE.

thanks …

Ok, glad to hear you found a solution :slight_smile: