Gpredict setting TONE for satellite operation in Radio equipment

Anyone knows if the Gpredict send the TONE that the transmitter has to enable to operate in satellite transponder??? i’m don’t see in the radio that enables the T in IC9100 or IC7100, so i cant open the satellite in FM or SSB.


I just set the tone on my IC-9100 manually 67Hz usually.
Gpredict and IC-9100 have some issues but it does control my VFOs. I receive on another antenna with LNA and SDRPlay/SDRuno.
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Very Cool Software!

I would like to second this request, but in a more general way. In addition to needing to set the CTCSS Tone, My FT-736r requires a few “gyrations” to switch between mode U/V and mode V/U. One fairly quick way to solve a lot of these problems without a whole lot of coding within Gpredict would be to provide a provision to run a user script before and after each satellite pass.

This would solve a lot of the more specific user requests.

Running Gpredict on a Raspberry PI

In pull request #192, I’ve added the ability to:

  • Send arbitrary rigctrl commands to the radio on AOS/LOS. E.g. set_powerstat 0/1 to turn on/off the radio.
  • Send arbitrary rigctrl commands when a specific transponder is selected. E.g. set_mode WFM, 40000;set_ant 0 to set the radio mode and antenna. The command can be set per satellite transponder, in the .trsp files. (This can be added to the GUI later on)
  • Start an application / execute a shell command on AOS/LOS. To allow a user to start a decoder or control some other h/w, etc.
  • Play an audio file (E.g. .wav) on AOS/LOS - so you can have an audible warning that a satellite pass is about to start.

No need to add that in the GUI, this should be added in SatNOGS-DB.



Great @srce!!! Thanks

It might be useful to have the mode and bandwidth in the DB, but there still may need to be user-specific commands as well (E.g. antenna selection).

Yes, but that is not a satellite or transmitter specific setting. Sequences to control a transmitter onboard a satellite are.

A little late but great job @srce!!
Gives me the ability to do all kinds of setup for a pass