Gpredict Rotator Control Tracking Offset, and Radio DDE output

first of all, I LOVE this software! I’m curious about two things, that would help me, and I think would be useful tools for everyone moving forward

  1. Rotator Control – this works perfectly!! I can control my rotator manually, or track satellites… but I think it may be useful for troubleshooting if we can have 2 boxes added to the window that would be TRACKING OFFSET for AZ, and EL. this would make troubleshooting dish pointing/tracking much easier, as you could have it track a satellite, and simply lag/lead in azimuth or elevation to fine tune the signal. doing this manually requires deselecting 'track" and then chasing the numbers manually.

  2. DDE radio control plugin? I’m asking this because currently I still need to use Orbitron to gain DDE tracking so that I can control xHRPT (which uses DDE source as control). If I could use DDE output from Gpredict then I’d only have to use one satellite tracking program.

Thanks in advance for any input, let me know what you guys think and if it would be possible, and if anyone else thinks they’d benefit!

Hi @quartapound

Thanks for the feedback.

I have added the Azimuth and elevation offset fields to the (already very long) TODO list. As for DDE control, that’s a windows thing and gpredict is a Linux application that has been made available for windows, so adding windows specific features is really not a priority for me, sorry.