Gpredict-Rot2Prog Tracking Problem

Dear all,
I am Alberto and I am a new member on Libre Space.
I have a question about the communication between Gpredict and Rot2Prog.
I have always used Gpredict 1.4 with Rot2Prog for satellite tracking through Hamlib without any kind of problems. Now, I have decided to use the last version of Gpredict (2.2.1) and I have encountered difficulties in tracking.
Following the same procedure and pusching the Engage buttom, I read the AZ and El data correctly but, when I start with the tracking, I have no response (even when the El>0). No action happens when I try to move manually the antenna through the Antenna Control panel. Moreover if I decide to disable the Engage button, Gpredict stops; I have to force the SW closure and, in that moment, the rotator assumes the last values reported in Gpredict.
Has anyone experienced this problem?
Can anyone help me?
Hope in a positive feedback…

This seems to be the same “bug” as in here:

Unfortunately I do not have a build environment to make Windows builds.

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