GPredict record control

Hi All, I am pretty news with Gpredict, but seems to very professional,
it controls smoothly the Gqrx receiver sw,
however is there an option to control a audio records too?
e.g. if elevation is bigger than 0 make the records, which will be processed off line with some decoder sw,
is there such feature?

As you can read here, only the development version of Gpredict supports automatic recording. But it should work with the development version.

The AOS and LOS commands are specific to gqrx and gpredict. I needed to find a quick way to trigger audio recordings based on satellite events. The AOS event is triggered when the satellite comes above the horizon. The LOS event is triggered when the satellite goes below the horizon.

As of writing, only the development version of gpredict is capable of sending the AOS and LOS events.

thank you, yes I see, but this article is back in 2013-2016, since than it might be in the released version,
so I am still looking for a way to control wave recording in gqrx with AOS and LOS event in gpredict,
do you know how to set up it?

I just downloaded latest release of Gqrx (2.14.4), and it doesn’t seem to have any settings to start recording upon reception of the AOS signal from Gpredict. So it’s probably still only in the development version.

ok I found it, it is under the radio setup,
and in case you checked them, Gpredict will control Gqrx demodulator recorder
with the AOS and LOS and you can make the wav record of the satellite under tacked…