Gpredict patch for transponder mode and frequency passband

I have added a bit of info to the radio control window so I thought I would share my mods in case others might find it useful. I am not much of a c++ programmer but it works! Please include it in Gpredict Alex if it looks OK. I have it running on my pi3 with the 7" touchscreen at the moment. As a new account here I cannot upload any files so …

Patch against master 2.3.54-f88b

73 and thanks for the great software!



@ve9gj thank you so much for this! Added to patch, looks great!

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Is there a simple way for me to apply this patch ? Will it become part of Gpredict any time soon ?
( FT-991a + Gpredict 2.2.1 & Hamlib 4.1 on Fedora 33 )

Please correct the frequency reading from “mhz” to “MHz” :slight_smile: