Gpredict launching issue (MacOS)

For some reason gpredict simply doesn’t start. Downloaded it with MacPorts. I have the icon of it and Mac finds it in the Spotlight but when I click the icon nothing happens… I tried reinstalling MacPorts and gpredict but that didn’t help either. So I have no idea what to do (MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1)

My best guess, you need to add the xquartz X-server for MacOS

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Yes, Gpredict does not use the MacOS GUI so you need a “windowing” program and XQuartz (was X11) is the preferred option. I have Gpredict 2.2.1 and XQuartz 2.8.1 on my MacBook Pro.

I am looking around to see how Gpredict knows to look for XQuartz, that would be some good information.

Thanks a lot to everyone who responded. It really was an XQuartz-missing issue. Everything works fine now

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In my case I just restarted Mac and everything started working/